Monday, April 21, 2008

Jordan & Jewelry

Another trip to Sioux Falls -this time I brought along one of my glass cabinets from Dragonfly Gallery for Laurel to showcase my jewelry in the new Art Gallery portion of Food and Fermentations! That evening we had dinner and time to "catch up" with Pat & Craig Lloyd

Sunday was just amazing....Jordan had his CELLO recital with Dr Karren Melik-Stepanov at Augustana. He has been working on the Haydn piece all year. We were in tears....what an amazing day and Doug and Laurel were able to share it with us!

The Augustana Orchestra had their concert Monday evening and we headed home Tuesday...a long drive...but oh so worth it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Creating Love Prints

Here I am at Vanaseys with Theresa's son Zed. We are making a Love Print...a beautiful pendant using his little fingerprint. I inscribed his name and added his Ruby birthstone!