Friday, November 28, 2008

Winter is here

a picture looking out of my studio on Thanksgiving here it is a few days later....

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It was a Thanksgiving for two...but what fun... Brian has prepared a turkey forever, but I decided to replicate the FALL FEAST Todd had prepared for me earlier in the a surprise for Brian and also so I had could have the kitchen to myself and he could put up all of the lights on the roof lines of the house before the first big snow.... is hard enough to do just one recipe for the first time...but I did them all....and my first flaming dish at that....I am just a little bit proud of my Pork Tenderloin with a flaming Brandy Cream sauce with fresh green peppercorns......fresh squash and the salad....well all of you know how much I love manchego and always try to buy it in quantity on my trips to Miami...well imagine it julienned with Honey Crisp Apples! Todd you are such an amazing chef (as well as my other Brothers....Scott & Kerry)...but walking me through it step by step and explaining the nuances of the was PERFECT!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November in Minnesota

What a fun month....returned from a week in Miami and then was off to Minnesota. Mom got a new there was plenty of running back and forth to the hospital. She is doing great and I had a super time visiting with brother Todd....Stayed with him and Deb Sat eve in Bloomington and he prepared all of the foods he had been discussing with me the night before....what a feast! The seven hour drive home Tuesday in an ice storm was one of my all time worst drives ever....Whew....glad to be home! Deb and Todd...again a HUGE thank you not only for your hospitality and great food...but for the long talks and great advice...I just adore you both!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rive Gauche - November 1st

A mad rush to unpack and get ready for the Rive Gauche Event for the Freeport Arts Center - Freeport Country Club on Saturday...brought my silver, kiln and practically my studio...created a one of a kind pendant, while 8 other artists created painted...a joyful and fun day....well...back to the studio...
more later


Arrived in Miami we are at a new "hot spot" in Coral Gables called TOWN....well we went to town! It was mostly rainy...but I did manage to do quite a few laps in the pool....The Mass for Dad was Sunday followed by an incredible dinner with friends and family....Tere surprised Jayna and I with matching birthday cakes too! more pics later