Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LovePrint Jewelry

To update you on the LOVEPRINTS here is my newest design for my hair stylist MYKIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! First I incorporated two fingerprints..2 month old Rylee and 9 year old Caid...along with two white sapphires. Mykil wanted this elongated contemporary look........
His MOM.....Theresa owns Vanaseys at Conover Square....
We are imprinting his fingerprint onto PMC silver...from there I take it back to my studio and create a one of a kind pendant for his mom...of course with his ruby birthstone and this time his name embedded onto the front design...
See the flower going up the left hand side...and the middle of the flower is a RUBY...and among the garden at the bottom is his name............the backside of course has his name and birthday!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


What a way to start the month of May...Our eldest son Joshua graduated from the University of Alaska Juneau with a degree in Marine Biology....It was so incredible to see his world of mountains, climbing, hiking, kayaking, nature at it's finest.....he has great friends and has made a great life for himself....oh gosh....am I gushing or what...needless to say....who knows where he will end up after he finishes his Masters!!!
and wimpy me actually went kayaking...the water was all of 39 degrees!!!!!!!!! Wahoo

I am so inspired and have countless drawings for new jewelry sculptures!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Feature!

Here is a copy of the page from ETC MAGAZINE>
They featured my jewelry...(middle of page) in their April Issue!